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Mint Cream and Blackberry Chocolate Ganache Tarts

blackberry, tart, puff pastry, chocolate puff pastry

I am happy! No touchable reason for this, I am just plain happy.
With every day that passes by, I am more and more thankful for the wonderful man I have by my side. He has always been my anchor, and I always knew that I can count on him. He is my best friend, my confident and my love.
It is so comforting to live you life next to someone who knows to be the most supportive and tolerant person. It is so good to feel loved, to feel that you can be yourself.
Right now, I am sure that I can do anything I set my mind on, I can conquer any goal if he is by my side.
This may sound like a cliche, but this is how I feel and I am grateful for every day we are together.

He is my best taster as well and the one I trust the most. He does not have a sweet tooth and will not eat sweets just like that, unless he likes them quite a lot.

The tarts I baked a few days ago were just perfect to tell him how much I appreciate him and his way of being my MAN.
I knew I had saved some chocolate puff pastry from when I made the Lychee Napoleons just for him.
Mascarpone mint cream and blackberry chocolate ganache tarts
I used one third of the dough and made 3 4 in (11 cm) tarts

For the tart shells
Follow the link above for the puff pastry recipe and instructions.
Roll the dough to 2-3 mm and cut out circles using a very sharp cutter. Cut the circles a little bigger than the molds you will bake them in. Place the dough circles into the tart rings (I used ceramic dishes) and keep in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes before baking.
Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius.
Cut some baking paper to fit the bases of the tarts and weigh down with ceramic baking beans to stop the base rising. Bake for about 10 minutes, carefully remove the baking paper (and beans) then bake another 6-7 minutes or until the pastry looks “crispy”. Cool on a wire rack.

For the mint cream
250 g mascarpone
50 g powdered sugar
fresh mint leaves, finely chopped
10-20 ml Baileys (mint – chocolate) – optional
100 g whipped cream

Beat the mascarpone for 1 minute until creamy. Add the sugar, mint leaves and liqueur (if using) and beat until combined. Slowly add the whipped cream and mix until combined.

blackberry, tart, puff pastry, chocolate puff pastry

For the blackberry chocolate ganache
Note: when I started making these tarts, I had in mind to make a blackberry caramel to top the tarts. But when i saw the blackberry caramel bubbling so appetizing and smelling so mouth watering, I could hear the scream of chocolate. At that moment I was sure that it would not be complete without chocolate

80 g sugar
250 g blackberries
50-60 g bittersweet chocolate

Make a dry caramel with the sugar. Remove from heat and add part of the blackberries. Turn them to coat with the sugar. Add the rest of the blackberries. Return to low heat, until all hardened caramel dissolves. Remove the blackberries and allow the sauce to simmer a few more minutes.
In a clean bowl chop the chocolate and strain the blackberry caramel sauce over. Let the chocolate sit for 1-2 minutes then whisk until the ganache is smooth.

To assemble

Once the tart shells are cool, pipe mint cream inside. Top with a few caramel blackberries and drizzle some ganache over.